‘Game with Mum & Dad’ goes to Poland!

On Saturday June 17, COPE member Probacja hosted the first ‘Game with Mum & Dad‘ event to take place in Poland.

Children were invited to see their imprisoned mothers and fathers in an environment that looked starkly different from the usual prison visiting facilities – on a football pitch! Families gathered on the grounds of a local school to play a game of football with their parents, where they also enjoyed a picnic with a barbeque and face painting organised by Probacja. Unlike the usual setting where visits take place – which can often be hostile and intimidating for children – the event gave families an opportunity for quality contact. With an atmosphere of joy and emotion, the afternoon provided great relief, happiness and fun for children and parents.

“This picnic brings together families after a long time of breakdowns and tensions. Today unites families” – girl, six years old, Poland.

Thank you to Probacja for taking part in ‘Game with Mum & Dad’ and all other partners in Krakow who helped make the day possible.

Photographs by Paulina Bąbol.