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©Probacja – Poland

©Probacja – Poland

« These are great days because I feel like Daddy is home and I can stay with him a bit longer. »

6 year old, Italy

« My children live far away and I can see them once a month. I miss them. But today I finally enjoyed them. »

Imprisoned mother, Italy

« The atmosphere was lovely, without awkwardness or shame. Although I would never have thought that I would have enjoyed such a day, I can say that now it is truly the case. »


« It was a genius idea to play a football game together with the parents. We can’t wait for another day like this one. »


©Probacja – Poland

France – 11 years

« It was short but beautiful. Dad and I haven’t had fun together for two years. Being with him makes me happy. I thank you. »

8 year old

« Being here today means a lot to me. Spending time playing with my children is wonderful. I haven’t seen them for months »

Imprisoned dad

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